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Tue Jul 12 2022

Initially, the focus will be on industries in five selected economic sectors/sub-sectors: construction, electrical/electronics, mechanical, automotive and hospitality. Geographically, the areas with dense economic activities in the selected sectors/ sub-sectors and promising industry associations/ leading companies will be covered. The project will also extend its interventions to other areas considering mega projects such as hydro power plants, airports and highways. The target for Phase I In its first phase, the project will benefit about 64,000 beneficiaries:



Apprentices: 1,500

Trainees in short courses: 5,850

Workers in further training: 13,650

Career counselling recipients: 40,000

Business skills recipients (returnee migrants and educated youth): 300

Managerial skills, occupational health and safety recipients: 2,560


ENSSURE Phase II will focus on quality rather than quantity and its engagement is limited in three Provinces namely Province 1, Bagmati Province and Lumbini Province and 33 Local Governments identified in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Development (MoSD) of these three Provinces. The Provincial and Local Governments were selected on the basis of experiences from the ENSSURE I and following:

(i) the geographic targeting policy of the SDC in Nepal,

(ii) the GoN policies,

(iii) the evidence of target Provinces with higher potential in term of population, labor market potential and presence of industrial corridors,

(iv) target Provinces with relatively higher presence of sectors with high potential for ENSSURE and for TVET

(v) overall inclusiveness and “Leave No One Behind” consideration of the overall SDC portfolio, and

(vi) synergies and duplication with other programme from GoN or development partners.



Dual VET-Apprenticeship recipients: 3,000

Trainees with OJT recipients: 6,800

Workers' in Further Training recipients: 2,000

Career Guidance recipients: 50,000

Returnee migrants skill-based and/or business skill training courses recipients : 3,000